Equips Seadrill-operated West Bollsta with new storm saddles and optimized lifting yoke

Future Production is set to equip West Bollsta with two new storm saddles and an optimized lifting yoke.

Photo credits: West Bollsta


The deliveries strengthen the West Bollsta rig efficiency and safety during BOP operations, as the storm saddles will safely handle hose-, umbilical- and MUX-cables. The lifting yoke will also increase the lifting capacity of the rig gantry crane.

– The hose-, umbilical- and MUX-cables transmit control signals to the BOP, and are imperative for safe drilling operations. But in harsh weather they risk getting stuck. In this case our storm saddles will provide a safe and controlled handling of the cables, which prevents them from causing problems during rig up and down, says Future Production Technical Manager Edvin Andersen.


Photo credits: Future Production


– We always try to find the specific design solution that fit each individual rig the most, and we have gained significant experience from such MUX- and other umbilical saddle deliveries through previous deliveries.

Seadrill: – Professional support and great ideas

The new lifting yoke improves the flexibility of the West Bollsta gantry crane, as it increases lifting capacity from 35 to 120 tonne in certain critical areas.

– The yoke is designed according to NORSOK R-002 and DNVGL-OS-E101, and allows for a 360` rotation of the load. It connects the two main blocks on the BOP Gantry Crane, and is tailormade to fit the specific demands onboard West Bollsta. The robust design is also made to withstand offshore rig operations in harsh weather conditions.


Photo credits: Future Production


Steve Wiseman, Assistant Rig Manager for West Bollsta, says the Future Production deliveries boosts their overall rig operation.

– The development and production of the storm saddles and the lifting yoke was on target as promised, and the products will all around be very good for us. The Future Production engineering support and understanding is very good, as they always provide professional collaboration.

Wiseman says he is particularly impressed with the Future Production engagement and customized solutions.

– I have been involved in working with Future Production since 2014. They are not always the lowest bidder, but they always provide value for money. They have never let us down, and they always come up with great ideas.