Automated MPD Handling Systems
Future Production also delivers automated MPD Handling Systems with the same technology as the Clickstab System
Connection. The system controls umbilicals and mud return flow lines in just a few minutes. See the video below or read more here.

Automated MPD Handling Systems - MPD Clickstab

Pipe Shuttle Machine
The FP Pipe Shuttle Machine, protector free handling of tubulars, can be adjusted to any derrick position with infill sections and easy X, Y, Z adjustments. See the video and learn more here.

FP - Pipe Shuttle Machine

Handsfree Gooseneck Handling System
Future Production also delivers the only proven handsfree system available in the market today. See the product sheet below or read more about the system here.

Handsfree Gooseneck Handling System - FP ClickStab

Cantilever CombiCrane
The Cantilever CombiCraneâ„¢ (patented) is designed to perform simultaneous operations in a simple way, as well as significantly improve well intervention and material handling operations.

The solution is easy to integrate on existing and new JU rigs. See the video and learn more here.

Cantilever CombiCrane

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