FP ClickStab® System

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FP Clickstab System


  • Patented Handsfree Gooseneck Handling System
  • Connects Kill & Choke, Boost and Conduit lines in just a few minutes
  • Horizontal stabbing – “free float” follows riser movement
  • The only proven handsfree system available in the market today
  • Significantly reduces NPT, No personnel over open sea
  • Safe, robust, maintenance friendly and simple / easy operation
  • Flexible system. The Handling arms can be made to suit any rig-layout
  • Clamp-on Slipjoint termination bodies for easy installation. No cutting of Slip Joint required for retrofit
  • No hydraulics on the slipjoint
  • Combined Kill and Choke Handling and MPD can be delivered
  • The FP Clickstab System meets all governmental requirements and fulfils all relevant DNVGL and API Standards


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Factory Acceptance and commissioning testing
Each delivery is rigged up in the workshop with Handling arms, Slipjoint Termination Bodies and Hose Manifolds and tested full scale


Gooseneck - ClickStab - Test Setup | Future ProductionGooseneck - ClickStab - | Future ProductionGooseneck - ClickStab - Test Setup 2 | Future Production 



Automated MPD Handling Systems
Future Production also delivers automated MPD Handling Systems with the same technology as the Clickstab System
Connection of control umbilicals and mud return flow lines in just a few minutes. Can be combined with Kill & Choke Handling


Automated MPD Handling Systems | Connect control umbilicals and mud return flow lines in just a few minutes



The Future Production Clickstab System can be delivered to fit any rig layout

See a variety of different layout for your inspiration