Complete Moonpool Handling Solutions

Moonpool Semi | Future Production


Future Production designs and delivers Complete Moonpool Handling Solutions including; BOP Carriers, XMT Carriers, Access equipment/ Cherry Pickers, Moonpool CombiCranes™, Handsfree Gooseneck Handling System, MPD handling systems, N-Line Closing and Guiding Devices, N-Line Seafastening, Riser Tension Ring Closing and Seafastening systems, MUX Compensating System.

Future Production also designs and delivers tubular handling systems including; Horizontal Riser Handling Systems, Horizontal Pipe Handling Systems, Guide/Tail-in arms, FP CombiCats®/Catwalks, etc.

The various products are Integrated and interfaced based on Future Production’s considerable operational and design experience.

A key element in the design process is focus on mechanical and operational details to ensure efficient and safe operation.

All operational aspects are verified through animations.


Complete Moonpool Handling Solutions | Future Production