Four Odfjell Drilling semi submersible rigs upgraded

A professional and close-knit customer relationship has seen Future Production upgrade four Odfjell Drilling semi submersible Deepsea rigs.



The deliveries include two Harsh Environment King Size Ratholes (KSRH), installed onboard Deepsea Aberdeen and Deepsea Atlantic, an Overhull guide and moonpool guide XMT Handling system, installed onboard Deepsea Nordkapp – and a Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) Hanger Insert, combined with a Drill Pipe Quick Connect, installed onboard Deepsea Yantai.

Rune Stanghelle at Odfjell Drilling, who has been involved in most of the deliveries, says the operational efficiency of the aforementioned rigs is now increased.

– At Odfjell, we aim to offer rigs equipped with the latest cutting edge technology and drilling assets. Our cooperation with Future Production has been very fruitful, as their staff and engineers clearly understand our needs as a rig operator.

– They are capable of producing the products we ask for, and they simultaneously understand the language we communicate in. In turn, they have a great attention to detail, which further strengthens the operational quality of their products and our rigs.

– Clear vision

Future Production CEO Torstein Bringa says Odfjell “has a clear vision of what they want from us as a supplier”.

– Working extensively with Odfjell has been challenging and satisfying. The Odfjell engineers always look for efficiency improvements in their operations, as they challenge existing equipment and practice. We are happy to be able to deliver the products they ask for.

He says the cooperation between the parties, which has existed over a prolonged period of time, has been particularly rewarding. Stanghelle agrees.

– We started our work together several years ago, and we quickly learned how Future Production operate, and how their philosophy is applied into their product development. It lead us to engage in new and further development projects together, based on our needs, says Stanghelle.

The targeted areas for the new rig solutions has been the drillstring handling- and moonpool area, as well as different support systems:

A close-up: Harsh Environment King Size Rathole (KSRH) – Deepsea Aberdeen and Deepsea Atlantic

The Kingsize Rathole, installed on both Deepsea Aberdeen and Deepsea Atlantic, is a Future Production developed safety equipment for rigs with two (dual) well centres. It includes replaceable shock absorbers designed to absorb the impact load of dropped drill string objects – including drill collars. Installed in the rotary in one of the two well centres, with a typical length of between 18,5 metres (collapsed) and 29 metres (extended), the telescoping rathole gives the most efficient offline casing and drillstring stand building, and thereby improves the efficiency of the rigs.

Technically, the KSRH can absorb a drop from 3 × 9 1⁄2′′ collar assembly at ~29 meters free fall which produces an impact energy of ∼3500 kJ.

While operative, the KSRH extends below the moonpool area to prevent falling objects, tubulars and other items to hit and damage any subsea-template or installations on the seabed – or the drillstring/riser deployed in the other well centre. The KSRH is designed to be quickly removed for tophole and XMT running activities, or just retracted during storm condition.

– What separates this particular rathole construction from other ratholes Future Production have developed previously, is the Telescope capability and large impact energy the Odfjell Rathole is able to absorb, says Bringa.

A close-up: BHA Hanger Insert – Deepsea Yantai

The Hanger Insert delivery to Deepsea Yantai is a tailor made solution and tool used to hang off BHAs in the baseplate trolley. The delivery also consists of a Drillpipe Quick Connect, which enables a secure connect- and disconnect of a suspended load without the need for power tools.

The BHA Hanger Insert and the Drillpipe Quick Connect is designed to temporary park an assembly on a single wellcentre rig, and, as a result, create more efficient operations.

A close-up: XMT Guiding – Deepsea Nordkapp

The XMT Handling system installed on the Deepsea Nordkapp (DSN) is tailor made for offline XMT handling from a single wellcentre rig.

– When XMT´s travel from above sea-level they are particularly vulnerable to rig wave motions. These rig movements are imperative to control, as they can cause damage to equipment and pose a safety hazard to personnel. Our tailor made Handling system is specifically designed to fit the measurements and operation of the DSN rig, Bringa explains.

Without proper XMT Handling systems, rig operations are limited to being carried out in calmer weather. As such, an extended weather window for rig operations is worth a significant amount of money – as efficiency is significantly improved.

– On DSN, Odfjell has equipped the rig with an offline winch, enabling full dual activity when performing XMT operations. Future Production worked closely with Odfjell engineers to design its equipment to meet Odfjell’s requirements for DSN XMT operations, says Bringa.

Although the Active compensated winch and wire sheave system of the XMT system is delivered by another supplier, the foldable moonpool guide is the first of its kind developed by Future Production.