Future Production AS supplies crucial equipment supporting Deepsea Mira


Future Production AS supplies crucial equipment supporting Deepsea Mira for impressive and world’s first dual string BOP jump @ 3000m water depth saving weeks of unproductive time between wells for Client subsea operation offshore Namibia

Deepsea Mira is a high specification, 6th generation dynamically positioned/moored harsh environment semi-submersible rig, managed and operated by Odfjell Drilling.

The rig is currently contracted by TotalEnergies and operates in + 3000m water depth outside Namibia.

Drilling and optimizing operations at these record-breaking water depths demands and requires innovative, safe and robust equipment solutions, driven by first class drilling operation performance from the drilling rig and its crew.

At 3000m water depth the combined weight of the riser string and the LMRP/BOP exceeds the rig hook load capacity, disallowing the riser and LMRP/BOP to be run/pulled in one full length. Overcoming this issue normally will require expensive rig/equipment modifications and/or innovative operational adaptions.

Odfjell Drilling considered their options and contacted Future Production to provide a solution based on a ROV operated «Lower Stack Running Tool» (LSRT) previously designed and delivered for two other drilling rigs (see picture below).

The Future Production LSRT allows the lower BOP stack to be run separately on the drillstring and be landed on the wellhead.

With the BOP stack securely landed on the wellhead, the LMRP and riser can be safely run within the load capacity of the rig, and landed on top of the BOP stack on the seabed 3000m below the rig itself.

The discussions with Future Production resulted in Odfjell Drilling ordering a slightly adapted ROV operated LSRT for their Namibia operations, see picture Below.

LSRT delivered to West Mira (left), previously delivered LSRT (right)
LSRT delivered to West Mira (left), previously delivered LSRT (right)


When completing a well at this water depth, the rig has to retrieve BOP, LMRP and riser prior to moving to the next location. On the new location, the BOP and riser are rerun. At these water depths such operations take days and weeks.

Odfjell Drilling developed a method of batch setting two wells with a significant distance between, and through excellent planning, crew performance, operational coordination, the riser and LMRP was lifted off and separated from the BOP, and the BOP lifted free from the wellhead on a separate parallel landing string when engaging Future Production’s LSRT tool to utilize the riser tensioners.

Odfjell Drilling successfully performed the first dual string BOP jump when moving the rig several nautical miles between wells, saving days and weeks of operational rig time.

Following the success with the LSRT supported operations, the LSRT has become a valuable and crucial tool for Deepsea Mira’s deepwater operations.