Improved XMT Handling Systems installed at West Mira

The Seadrill-operated semisubmersible West Mira improves rig efficiency and safety with new tailor-made XMT Handling Systems- and equipment from Future Production.



The rig West Mira, currently operating on the Wintershall-operated Maria field on the Norwegian continental shelf, has been upgraded with several new deliveries of Future Production XMT Handling Systems and equipment, including Underhull/Overhull Guiding Systems, Skidding Systems, ADS Triggers, Guideline Winches and various decks and platforms.

– Our Handling System deliveries are intended to create safer and more efficient handling of the 3 XMT`s onboard the rig. When XMT´s are delivered to the rig they need to be transported and maneuvered to the moonpool area, where they are connected to the offline XMT winch. Our Handling Systems and equipment safely guides the XMT´s all the way on their journey from rig arrival, through to the moonpool area, and to seabed installation and back, says Torstein Bringa, Future Production CEO.

While transported between the storage area and the designated position in the moonpool area, the core function of the Handling Systems is to efficiently move the equipment and avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous movement of the XMT´s and related equipment.

The XMT Handling Systems are made to fit XMT´s from both Aker Solutions and FMC.

– Every rig is different and has different means of operation. Our XMT Handling Systems and equipment are tailormade to fit the exact measurements and operational picture onboard West Mira. As a result, our equipment facilitates a streamlined and safe transport of the XMT´s, keeping them locked in a secure position and out of harm’s way for both people and other equipment while transported.

Improved efficiency and safety

According to the West Mira Rig Manager Peter Lewis their new equipment is set to improve the rig efficiency and safety.

– These systems have some clear advantages for us. First of all they positively affect our rig HSE by removing people from the line of fire and allow for safe moving of very large equipment in challenging conditions.

– And second, our rig efficiency is boosted through clearly enhanced operating criteria’s. We can now look to provide our clients further value, he explains.

He says Seadrill chose Future Production as the supplier over their good reputation and their ability to come up with «workable and viable solutions».

– The Future Production-solutions clearly stood out from the rest during the pre-sourcing phase, says Lewis.

– Other products from other suppliers probably causes the rig to adjust their operations to their systems. With us, it’s different. We always adjust our systems to fit the operational picture to where they will be installed, says Bringa.

Extended weather window

– The North Sea is one of the world’s toughest environments, and we always work in close companionship with the rig management to find the new innovative solutions that can maximize rig efficiency and safety, states Bringa.

– The deliveries are all specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our deliveries now allow West Mira operations in a tougher weather window compared to what they were able to previously.

Bringa stresses how their products now also enable West Mira to drive parallel operations.

– With our systems the rig can maintain and operate drilling activities in the well centre, and simultaneously run XMT operations in the false well centre.