New V2 Bonnet Exchange System delivery to Maersk Drilling


Enables safe and effective removal of Maersk Drilling BOP bonnets.



Future Production has delivered an upgraded version (V2) of their BOP Bonnet Exchange System to Maersk Drilling.

The system enables a significantly less time consuming operation when BOP bonnets are carried on and off the rig for maintenance.

– In short, the BOP Bonnet Exchange System is designed for a safe and effective removal and re-installation of the rig BOP bonnets. The system removes the need to perform a time-consuming and potentially riskful manual operation, says Richard Loland, Sales Manager in Future Production.


Kenneth Petersson, Well Control Equipment – Team Lead Jack-Ups at Maersk Drilling, says the Bonnet Exchange System from Future Production will help the drilling contractor save approximately 50 hours per operation, when changing all eight bonnets.

– The total bonnet exchange operation still counts around 80-100 hours, but this number is significantly lower than a fully manual bonnet removal operation, he states.

A manual bonnet exchange operation involves several potentially hazardous steps, including use of winches and ropes.

– It also involves both the use of hydraulics and, most importantly, rig crews put in potentially dangerous and hazardous situations. With the BES from Future Production our rig crews are now removed from such situations, and, in effect, safety on the rig is increased, Petersson remarks.

– Our goal is to engage in product and process development that focuses on placing rig crews «out of harm’s way», to increase safety and avoid potential risks to crews. The tailormade version 2 of the Future Production Bonnet Exchange System clearly facilitates a streamlined operation of our BOP bonnet removal work.

V2 vs V1 – A closer look

The now-delivered V2 BOP Bonnet Exchange System is an upgraded version of the first Future Production Bonnet Exchange System delivered to Maersk Interceptor in 2019.

– Version 1 of our Bonnet Exchange System successfully demonstrated the principles of the system. The version 2 of the system has been further redeveloped, and appears with even more tailormade improvements to further streamline bonnet removals, Loland says.



Petersson gets further into detail:

– The BES V2 has three controlled axes; vertical lift, horizontal x and y travel, and rotation. In addition, the new version has a free float function, allowing the bonnet to be fully guided and secured when opening or closing the bonnet hinge. Opening and closing of the hinge is now done with the existing control umbilical.

The Bonnet Exchange System is not a fixed rig installation, and can potentially be utilised on several Maersk Drilling rigs.

– As a result, the rig company does not need to equip several rigs with a single Bonnet Exchange System, as long as the rig BOP is similar, Loland says.

– Pleased with the deliveries

Future Production CEO Torstein Bringa says working with Maersk Drilling has been «professional and fruitful». He is pleased with the upgraded and second-version delivery of their BES.

– Summarized, with the V2 BES, Future Production has once again developed and produced a solution tailormade to significantly save the end user valuable time while performing time consuming and potentially dangerous manual work.

– Maersk Drilling is a really constructive player, and a company who is determined to boast the most effective rigs with top-end technology. We have built a professional and productive cooperation in the last few years – both before and after the sucessful installation of the BES V1 onboard the Interceptor in 2019. We look forward to what comes next.