Set to deliver new Wellbay Hatches to Snorre A

– Outperforms other competing solutions in the rig market, says Rig Manager.



Future Production has developed a tailormade movable Wellbay Hatches system for the Archer-managed drilling facilities on Snorre A.

The new Wellbay Hatches will both increase the operational efficiency onboard Snorre A, and significantly increase personnel safety. The new hatches also remove the need to operate the MOB boat during operations. 

Replaces “Blåluker”

The Future Production-developed hatches will replace the existing “blåluker”, which Snorre A use today to cover up the rig floor well slots.


The existing “Blåluker” onboard Snorre A today.


– Work around the well slots onboard Snorre A is dependent upon, and limited by, vast amounts of manual work to maintain safety standards. Such manual work, as the rig up and down of scaffolding and other safety equipment, is time consuming and a potential safety hazard for the rig personnel, says Technical Manager Edvin Andersen from Future Production.

– Our new hatches remove both crushing hazard and any unwanted work over open sea when the existing “blåluker” is installed or removed, Andersen remarks.

The length, width and height of the Wellbay Hatches are designed to let the hatches be wheeled on the access routes, and between the safety (hand)rails, around the various well slot envelopes on cellar deck.

– We have spent significant time in close companionship with the rig crew to design and construct a tailormade safety system, which both covers and surrounds the well slot area, and acts as a complete scaffolding system when needed.

– The system is also designed to fit different well slots onboard the rig to maximize their usage, Andersen explains.

– Excited

Geir Håbesland is Rig manager onboard Snorre A. He looks forward to having the new hatches installed and put into operation.

– The development process and dialogue with Future Production has been very good to create the final design. We strongly believe the new hatches will positively impact our rig operation efficiency, and raise our HSEQ-standards to a new level, he says.



According to Håbesland, the new Wellbay Hatches prove themselves a leading technological solution in today’s market.  

– From where we are now and what we have seen so far, we are confident of their positive impact on our rig. They are, in my opinion, one of a kind, and outperform other competing solutions in the market today. The main and core design is particularly impressive.

Late summer installation

The new Wellbay Hatches are delivered with magnetic locks, but could also be bolted to the rig deck if required. Locks to prevent the hatches from being lifted up by e.g. wind gusts from underneath are also included in the delivery.

Once installed the hatches are operated through a Control Panel.

– The feedback from the rig personnel has been very positive, and they are pleased with how the proposed design has been developed and how it addresses their current concerns. We look forward to any further cooperation with the Archer rig personnel in the future, says Edvin Andersen.

The Wellbay hatches are set to be installed on Snorre A by September 2021.

For further information on the Wellbay Hatches delivery please get in touch with Future Production Sales Manager Richard Loland: / +47 911 36 560