Launching the Cantilever CombiCrane™


The Future Production-developed Cantilever CombiCrane™ is set for its 2020 market launch.



The newly developed Cantilever CombiCrane™ from Future Production offers enhanced and streamlined material handling operations below the cantilever and above the wellhead area of rigs. 

– The rig industry has seen an increased focus on simultaneous operations. Still, the area surrounding the rig cantilever has seen very few operative developments in the last decade or so, says Richard Loland, Sales Manager in Future Production.

– With our new Cantilever CombiCrane™ we have developed a smaller, more efficient and far more flexible crane solution – both logistically and economically – compared to other current available crane solutions in the market. Now we can offer a crane with a bigger operational benefit for both rig- and oil-companies, he says.

Biodegradable hydraulic oil

The CombiCrane™ has been developed in close companionship with major rig operators since 2016, and is a result of a further development of the existing Future Production Multipurpose Crane.

A key focus of the development process has been to improve the environmental features of the crane. As a result, the crane boasts its own HPU system set up to avoid potential oil spill from the rig.


Sales Manager Richard Loland (Right) together with Technical Manager Edvin Andersen (Left).


– Environmental aspects are a key priority among offshore operators today, so we designed the crane to run on its own biodegradable hydraulic oil – separated from the rig itself. If there is an accident, an oil leak would be limited to the small amounts found onboard the crane, says Edvin Andersen, Technical Manager in Future Production.

He labels the design- and innovation phase of the crane as a «textbook Future Production development project».

– The staff at Future Production like to apply innovative and out-of-the-box perspectives when it comes to product development. In this project we have done what we always do, which is to team up with clients and enter into a closely managed cooperation where client operational needs are prioritized and addressed.

Competitive costs

Loland emphasizes how the crane raises the competitive edge of both the rig- and oil companies.

– The crane adds significant value for a jackup-operation and is very competitively priced compared to alternative solutions. In addition, installation costs and Non Productive Time (NPT) during installation are limited, he explains.


As an example, one or two CombiCranes™ can be installed on the cantilever beams and travel independently along the beam to cover the area above (see illustration).


– A cantilever beam extension is also part of the delivery and serves as a parking position enabling full retraction of the cantilever e.g. in transit mode. And the simple installation can potentially be performed on offshore location by use of a rig crane.

The new Cantilever CombiCrane™ has its own built-in control system and meets all HSEQ and lifting capacity standards required.

For more information on the Cantilever CombiCrane™:

– Read the full Product Declaration here

– Get in touch with Sales Manager Richard Loland by mail or phone +47 911 36 560