Cantilever CombiCrane™

Cantilever CombiCrane™

The Cantilever CombiCrane™ (patent pending) is designed to perform simultaneous operations in a simple way, as well as significantly improve well intervention and material handling operations.

The solution is easy to integrate on existing and new JU rigs.

The crane travels in the longitudinal direction on the cantilever skidding beams. It can be used for routing of wirelines, lifting / handling material between the wells on the wellhead platform and lifting from e.g. a Texas deck to a wellhead platform deck. The design is based on multipurpose cranes previously delivered by Future Production, successfully in operation since 2005.

Operation is by wireless control.

Operational Benefits and Main Features

  • Reduced cost per well for P&A operations
  • Reduced rig up time for wireline operations
  • Reduced operator cost for wireline equipment, e.g. masts/towers
  • Improved rig efficiency
  • Efficient material handling below cantilever/on wellhead platform
Cantilever CombiCrane
Cantilever CombiCrane