FP SAFELift Side View with rails
FP SAFELift Side View with rails

To reduce NPT, drilling contractors are shifting to continues classing of their marine risers. To do so both scaffolding and onshore type scissor lifts has been used for access. The first being a costly solution and the latter having issues with safety on a moving rig.

Future Production have worked together with two major drilling contractors to find an alternative solution. We call it FP SAFELift.

Main benefits

  • Simple safe riser inspection
  • Can replace scaffolding and use of manrider winches in other areas
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced operational cost and NPT
  • Integrated drive wheels and steering for easy relocation
  • The FP SafeLift can be handledby crane
  • Support feet in each corner to increase stability
  • Magnetically secured to any steel deck
  • Designed for offshore use with respect to corrosion, structural stiffness and operational safety
  • Use of field proven components
  • Powered from the ring line or integrated HPU
  • Approved for use in Ex. Zones
  • Very limited installation cost

Alternative Use

In addition to riser inspection, the scissor lift can typically be used for the following purposes:

  • Welltest area       Alternative to scaffolding
  • Drillfloor               Inspection and maintenance of the topdrive
  • Cellar deck          Alternative to scaffolding