FP CombiCat®

FP CombiCat®

The FP CombiCat® is a 100% hands free, horizontal pipe handling system, which will safely and efficiently handle the tubulars from pipe deck using the pipe handling crane, and transport them laterally with the catwalk machine to well center.

The FP CombiCat® pipehandling machine combines the pipehandling crane, catwalk machine and stabbing and guide arm in one complete unit.

This saves considerable installation time as the complete unit is lifted in place, and simply hinged onto the drillfloor and bolted down at the rear end of the pipedeck.

The unit has only one hydraulic and electrical utility connection underneath the catwalk close to the drillfloor. These connectors can be delivered as quick connector plugs.

The machine operation is very simple with an automatic yoke leveling system both vertically and horizontally, leading to a very efficient and safe pipehandling machine.